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The Gold Coast Business Advisory Centre

At the Gold Coast Business Advisory Centre, we’re dedicated to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs to succeed in today’s ever-changing business market. Whether you’re thinking about opening a business, formulating a business plan, or undergoing change in an established business, the Centre has the expertise to help propel your ideas forward. Small businesses can access a range of advisory services, such as, but not limited to:

• Business Management • Financial Management
• Business Planning • Mentoring for Business
• General Business Advice • Referrals to Accounting, Legal and Other Professionals

Examples of Services


Government Grants Available
To Business Owners

We help you to identify the right Grants and other funding programs that are available for businesses from the Australian, state and territory governments, and in some cases from local councils.

We will help you with the application process.


A library Of Business
Planning Templates

Developing a business plan is one of the most valuable activities you can undertake. A good business plan provides a roadmap for success, gives you a sense of control over your future and is essential to attract funding.

We can give you practical help.


A Guide To Understanding Financial
Reports For Your Business

It’s necessary to have at least some financial knowledge, regardless of whether you hire someone to manage your finances. Financial skills can help you make the right decisions, and help you discuss your finances with other stakeholders.

We provide practical help through Workshops and one-on-ones.


Improving Business Cash Flow
In 7 Steps

Mis-managing cash flow is a sure way to kill a profitable business. On the other hand, if it is managed well, then all parts of the business will improve.

This E-Book will help you to manage more effectively. We provide practical help through workshops and one-on-ones.

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